Capturing the Enchantment

My landscapes capture that ever-elusive light quality that we see in New Mexico.  Seasons, times of day and even weather make a huge difference on how we see our surroundings.  My goal is to capture that light and preserve it for more than the seconds that Nature affords us.

Landscapes and Skyscapes

How I Capture the Moment

I have a camera in my back pocket!

Because I’ve spent a great deal of time analyzing my surroundings with an artist’s eye, I have a keen sense of colors and form and how light affects them.  This is something I have learned over time – trial and error and just paying attention.

That being said, the analysis is time consuming.   In days before we had the technology of cameras, artists typically journaled notes to themselves as to what they saw and noted specific colors they wanted to use in their paintings.   

I use photos as a model, but the photo is just a suggestion because I also add my interpretation of what I see.  My goal in any of my paintings is to evoke feeling and a sense of joy and wonderment that I feel as I put color to canvas.

A Study of Subjects

Inspiration comes in many shapes and colors.  Paint what you feel.

As an artist, I’ve learned how to approach a subject from a number of different possible angles, both physically and figuratively.

I paint a variety of subjects.  I was once admonished by a marketing agent who told me that no one will take my art seriously if I cannot stick to one subject.   I also have spoken with many artists who feel trapped by the one subject for which they have fame, or which pays the bills.  My point is that no person feels the same all the time.  Emotions and perspectives change daily, even more often than that.  

A happy artist paints or creates that which moves him or her.  Passion will dictate your art to you.  Time and practice will develop that passion into successful art.


Jaci, my niece.