That part of our inner self that guides and entertains us.

The Journey

When I met my husband, I felt as if I had known him forever… or at some time in a distant past – someone else’s history.  I had a dream and because of this dream, this painting came to be.  This is called The Journey because it shows two people who come from different directions traveling on toward the horizon together.  Oddly enough, this scene looks like the scenery where we now live.  I dreamed it and painted it before we ever knew we would live in New Mexico.

Linda Marie


Dream Journaling is a practice in which I dabbled at a point in my life when I knew that I was the only one with answers to my questions.  Perhaps it is a bit too introspective to spend so much time trying to figure out a place in my own life.  However, the journaling helped me to develop a sense of direction and facilitated difficult decisions.

This painting is called The Messenger because of a dream I had about a raven bringing me a promise of future fulfillment.  This was another painting that was finished before I ever set foot in New Mexico, yet it has all the surroundings that I find near my current home.

Linda Marie


I wanted to surprise my husband with a portrait of him riding his Harley Davidson Soft Tail Classic.  However, he objected to having his portrait in the house.  I had just seen “Pirates of the Caribbean”, a Disney movie where the crew of the pirate ship would look alive and normal during daylight, but at night in the moon light, they would be seen as they truly were: skeletons.  So, I added a full moon and stripped away the skin and voila, I had painted a pirate husband riding a Harley through the swamp of skulls. Some dreams are funny.

Linda Marie


The above collection was created as a cathartic exercise during a period of great change in my life.  It is very personal and it exists also as a result of dreams.  The pieces are mixed media, oil, twine, gauze on oak panels.

Linda Marie

  Cocoon, Emergence, Solitude, Gravity, Exhibition, Denial, Search and The Gift.